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Harsh winter weather often produces potholes in the road.  If it was a long hard winter, we're likely to have more holes and they're deeper.  Driving into a deep pothole can really do some serious damage to one's vehicle.  If someone blows a tire when driving into a hole, a tow truck might be necessary to get the vehicle out.  No one would resign to staying in the hole and consider it the destination.  It may cost a lot to get a vehicle out and there will be a significant delay in one's travels, but that's not the end of the journey.  There's a long road ahead with many enjoyable adventures waiting to be experienced.


There are also potholes in life.  We don't plan them but they can mess up our lives.  Potholes can sometimes be the result of our own actions or they can simply appear unexpectedly.  Whatever the reason, we can find ourselves stuck, sidetracked, worried, frustrated and angry.  What are potholes?  They can be anything that gets in the way of expectations one might have for one's life.  Common ones are those that affect the body or finances or relationships or circumstances of life.  I've found myself in some doozies, usually of my own making.  I've made bad decisions, poor choices and careless mistakes.  When I've found myself in one, it's a challenge figuring out how to resolve the matter.  Sometimes the consequences of potholes are irreversible and I simply must move on.  I was in a bad marriage and got a divorce.  That's irreversible but I moved on.  Now I've been married 32 years to the best husband in the world!  Whether your potholes are self-made or a result of someone or something else, you must get out, patch it up (as best you can) and move on.  



Physical representations of potholes may be apparent, but potholes of the mind are worse because they can be invisible.  In the past I've found myself staying in potholes of this type and digging them deeper with the shovel of guilt and depression.  It's been a chore getting out of these potholes, but living in them is worse.  It affects the quality of one's life and robs one of peace and contentment.  Resignation stagnates the mind and destroys one's soul.  Growing accustomed to potholes can be quite dangerous, because it kills hope and distorts reality.  Getting out of potholes of the mind may require the help of a tow truck service.  I highly recommend calling GHH 24-hour service, which has an army of trucks and drivers.  I've also called GHH for advice on how to avoid other potholes.  Yes, be sure to make GHH (God's Heavenly Hotline) your number-one choice for all your needs—physical, mental and spiritual.  You can count on Dependable, Reliable and Compassionate service all the time, in all circumstances, under all conditions everywhere for everyone!  (trucks = churches; drivers = Christians)